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24 Fascinating Facts About Bones

Bones are made up of a framework of collagen, protein, calcium, and phosphate; these minerals make the framework or skeleton hard and solid. When calcium is required by other parts of the body, it is released from the bones into the bloodstream. The bones that comprise our skeleton or framework are all very much alive and are not dead; they are like the rest of your body parts that are constantly growing and changing.

  1. When we are born, we have more than 300 bones and by the time we become adults; we have only 206. This is because some bones just fuse together.
  2. The human skull is comprised of up to 29 different bones.
  3. Bones make up only 14% of our weight.
  4. The human hand is comprised of 27 bones.
  5. Most of the bones in the human body is made up of about ¾ of water.
  6. The whole leg is constituted of 31 bones.
  7. The biggest joint in our skeleton system is our knee.
  8. Our feet account for one-quarter of all the human bodies’ bones that counts 52 bones in the feet alone.
  9. We are taller in the morning. Throughout the day, the cartilage between our bones is compressed, making us about 1 cm shorter by the end of the day.
  10. If our calcium intake is less, it is possible for our bones to self-destruct.
  11. The human face is comprised of 14 bones.
  12. Most people have 12 ribs, and only 1% of people have 13 ribs.
  13. Human bones are super strong. A bone is stronger than steel since a bar of bone can bear 4 to 6 times of weight and pressure than a chunk of steel. A cubic inch of bone, in principle, can bear a load of 19,000 lbs (8618 Kg).
  14. Our big toes have two bones each, while the rest have three.
  15. One-fourth of the bones in your body are in your feet!
  16. There are 54 bones in our hands, including the wrists.
  17. Human thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
  18. The smallest bone in our body is the ear bone.
  19. The longest bone is the leg bone.
  20. More than half of the total bones are in our hands and feet.
  21. The hyoid bone that holds our tongue is the only bone that is not connected to any other bones or joints.
  22. Our teeth are stronger than bones.
  23. Milk, other dairy products, green vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and okra, soya beans, and nuts are some of the foods that are good for bone health as well as regeneration.
  24. The femur or the thigh bone is the largest and strongest bone in our whole skeleton.

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