32 Amazing Facts About Cheetah

A cheetah is a medium-sized cat native to Africa. The cheetah is not only the fastest land animal but also one of the most beautiful, stylish, and athletic movers on the planet. The cheetah is unique because it is a running cat and the world’s fastest mammal; all others are leaping cats. They are known as leaping cats because they slowly stalk their prey before leaping on it. The cheetah has a nice Character. As a result, it has been tamed as a pet for thousands of years. Over many centuries, it has also been used for hunting with people.

  1. Cheetah word is derived from an ancient Sanskrit word Chita, which comes from “Chitra,” meaning spotted.
  2. If A cheetah sprints for more than 30 seconds, it can suffer from brain damage.
  3. Cheetah has a lifespan of over 10 to 12 years in the wild and up to 20 years in captivity (human care).
  4. It is estimated that Cheetahs evolved about 5.5 million years ago, along with the golden cats and pumas. Whereas Lions, tigers, leopards, and jaguars evolved about 1.6 million years ago.
  5. The scientific name of cheetahs is Acinonyx jubatus.
  6. They have sharp daytime eyesight and can see and distinguish their prey at great distances(5km). However, they do not have a good night vision compared to other cat species.
  7. Cheetahs are carnivores and depend on other animals for their appetite. They hunt smaller antelopes and wildebeests, guineafowl, gray duikers, impalas, kudus, gazelles, springboks, ostriches, jackals, hares, and even birds. They are especially fond of hoofed creatures.
  8. A Cheetah picks up speed faster than a sports car! It’s body accelerates at 10 meters per second and gets up to 70 kph in just three strides (steps). They achieve this speed in under 2 seconds.
  9. Cheetah can reach a maximum speed of 100-120 kph.
  10. All cats have claws, and all except the cheetah sheath them when at rest.Facts about cheetah
  11. Cheetah cubs have a high mortality rate of approximately 90 percent in the wild, and it is estimated that around 50 to 75 percent of cheetah cubs die before they reach the age of three months.
  12. Cheetah, when roars, they chirp and can not roar like tigers and lions. The chirp is loud enough to be heard from a mile away.
  13. Two members of the cat family are distinct from all others: the clouded leopard and the cheetah.
  14. Cheetahs are smaller than other members of the big cat family and weigh about 21-72 kilograms.
  15. One way to recognize cheetah is by the long, black lines which run from the inside of each eye to the mouth. These are usually called “tear lines” and scientists believe they help protect the cheetah’s eyes from the harsh sun and help them see long distances.
  16. It is estimated that only 7100 cheetahs are left in the wild. Cheetahs have vanished approximately 90 percent of their historic range.
  17. Cheetahs have a lifespan of up to twelve years in the wild and can reach ages of twenty in captivity(human care).
  18. Males can reach the age of maturity within twelve months of birth. In comparison, females reach sexual maturity in about 24 months.
  19. There are five subspecies of the cheetah:
    (I)The Tanzanian cheetah
    (II)The Sudan cheetah
    (III)The South African cheetah
    (IV)The northwest African cheetah
    (V)The Asiatic cheetah
  20. Cheetahs live and can survive in a variety of environments. According to the African Wildlife Foundation, cheetahs can be found in dry forests, grasslands, open plains, and desert regions.cheetah facts for kids
  21. Being the fastest mammal, they give up chasing their prey around 60 out of 100 times.
  22. Female cheetahs have a gestation period of over three months and can give birth to a litter of 2-8 cubs.
  23. Cheetah’s main predators are humans, leopards, spotted hyenas, and lions.
  24. Cheetahs have 2000 to 3000 black spots on their fur, which helps them hide in the terrain and catch their prey.
  25. Ancient Egyptians used to kept cheetahs and raised them as pets. They use to train them to hunt animals.
  26. Cheetah’s body temperature does not rise much during a chase but increases about 1.3°C after a successful hunt and 0.5°C after an unsuccessful one.
  27. Cheetah’s heart beats  faster as it runs. It beats at 120-170 beats per minute during rest and goes to whopping 200-250 beats after a chase.
  28. A group of cheetahs is called a coalition. They form groups in order to defend their territory against the male of other coalitions. Whereas female cheetahs, on the other hand, are solitary animals.
  29. Cheetah’s brain anatomy is distinctive and differs from other wild cats. The size and shape of its brain may be a consequence of its unusual skull shape, an adaptation for high-speed pursuits.
  30. The world record for “fastest land animal” is held by a female cheetah named Sarah, living at the Cincinnati Zoo in Ohio. When Sarah was 11 years old, she ran the 100-meter dash in 5.95 seconds, with a top speed of 61 mph (98.17 km).cheetah facts
  31. To accelerate this much faster, there is a need of distinctive biology, and that starts with their big liver. The spotted cat releases glycogen molecules that are stored in the liver that provide huge bursts of energy.
  32. It is estimated cheetahs lose around 10 to 15 % of their kills to other predators; The percentage was 50%, according to a 1986 study.

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