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26 Magnificent Facts About Toilets

Everyone is aware of what happens in toilets, and we don’t necessarily want to watch it. In fact, a disorganized…

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24 Engrossing Facts About USB

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is a technology that connects computers to peripheral devices. The USB standard was developed by a…

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22 Alluring Facts About Laptops

Laptop is a type of portable computer that you can take with you and use wherever you go. Laptop computers…

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12 Powerful Facts About Hammers

Hammer is a hand tool that consists of a weighted “head” attached to a long handle and swung to deliver…

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15 Freezing Facts About Refrigerator

A refrigerator is a machine that keeps things cool. It is also known as a refrigerator or an icebox. For…

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22 Interesting Facts About Roller Coasters

Aroller coaster, is a type of amusement ride that uses an elevated railroad track with tight turns, steep slopes, and…

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28 Glittering Facts About Gold

Gold is a yellow metal that is soft and dense. As a precious metal, it has been used for jewellery…

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22 Magnificent Facts About Paper

Paper is one of the most valuable gifts to humans and is well known. We write and print on paper,…

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21 Fascinating Facts About Nuclear Bomb

Nuclear weapons are deadly weapons and have been used in a war two times. The consequences of their use put…

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22 Interesting Facts About International Space Station

The International Space Station (ISS) is a research facility in Low Earth Orbit. The station’s construction began in 1998 and…

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