25 Cute Facts About Kiwi (Bird)

The kiwi is a type of bird from New Zealand. They have a long beak and brown feathers. The feathers look like fur. They cannot fly, and their wings are so tiny that they cannot usually be seen. Kiwi cannot see well, but they can hear very well. They are the smallest ratite birds on the planet. So have a look at these 25 facts about this cute animal.

  1. The scientific name of kiwis is Apteryx Mantelli.
  2. Kiwis are not totally blind and can see more in the dark. They have a perfect smelling sense and usually hunt with the smell.
  3. There are a total of five sub-species of kiwi’s which are:-
    (i) Great Spotted Kiwis
    (ii)Little Spotted Kiwi
    (iii)Okarito Kiwi
    (iv)Southern Brown kiwi
    (v)Northern Island kiwi
  4. Kiwis have more common attitude and nature like mammals than birds.
  5. Their bone density is heavy as compared to other same-sized birds and is more like mammals.
  6. They have hard skin and is not easy to penetrate, just like other mammals.
  7. As compared to their sizes, they produce an enormous egg. The egg is 20 percent of the total body of the female kiwis.
  8. They lay only one egg in a year.
  9. Kiwis do not build up a nest and usually live in the holes in the ground.
  10. They are the only birds that have nostrils located at the edge of their beaks.
  11. They are the national animals of New Zealand.
  12. Kiwi’s have tiny feathers, but they can not fly.;
  13. They have evolved about 70 million years.
  14. They are born runners and can run at speeds of up to 12 mph(19 kph).
  15. They are light in weight and can weigh anywhere around 2.8-7.2 lb (1.3–3.3 kg).
  16. Most of the birds have one ovary, whereas kiwis have 2.
  17. They are one of the most long-lived birds and can live anywhere around 20 years in the wild and up to 30 years in captivity.
  18. The bird has an excellent memory, and they can recall five years old memories or incidences.
  19. Over 90 percent of kiwis hatched die within six months of birth in the wild, and 70 percent of them are eaten by cats, dogs, and other predators.
  20. There were only five kiwis left in New Zealand, and with proper measures by the government, the number has risen to 1200 individuals.
  21. There are a total of about 24,550 kiwis left in New Zealand.
  22. To feed themselves, they rely on Earthworms, insects, millipedes, and other small insects.
  23. The average body temperature of kiwi is about 38 degrees Celsius which is slightly higher than humans and much lower than that of birds.
  24. The mating time of the birds is march to June.
  25. They have three toes and claws, which help them dig burrows where they live and lay eggs.

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