32 Interesting Facts About Twitter

Twitter is an American microblogging and social networking service on which users post and interact with messages known as “tweets”. Registered users can post, like, and retweet tweets, but unregistered users can only read those that are publicly available. Users interact with Twitter through browser or mobile frontend software or programmatically via its APIs. Prior to April 2020, services were accessible via SMS. So let’s dive into the world of Twitter.

  1. In March 2006, NYU student Jack Dorsey revealed a fresh online communication idea with some of his employees at Odeo, a podcasting firm, and the rest is history. Dorsey’s concept was for a platform that would let users send short messages to groups of individuals, much like text messaging.
  2. Twitter Was almost named as twttr, twitcher or friendstalker.
  3. Twitter currently has about 436 million users.
  4. Twitter has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States.
  5. Around 500 million tweets are made each day.
  6. 90% of the US population is familiar with Twitter but doesn’t use it.
  7. The United States Is the number one country that uses Twitter the most. Alone in the United States, there are 76.9 million active users. The country that takes the second spot is Japan, with 58.95 million users. India Comes in the third spot in terms of users with 23.6 million users.
  8. As of April 2021, 38.5 percent of Twitter’s global audience was between the ages of 25 and 34. Users between the ages of 35 and 49 made up the platform’s second-largest demographic, accounting for nearly 21% of all users. 17.1 percent are in the age group 18-24, and the same percentage, 17.1, is in the 50+ age group.
  9. Elon Musk currently owns around a 9.1% stake in Twitter.
  10. The revenue of the social media platforms is as follows: –
    • 2.2 billion in 2015
    • 2.5 billion in 2016
    • 2.4 billion in 2017
    • 3 billion in 2018
    • 3.4 billion in 2019
    • 3.7 billion in 2020
    • 5.08 billion in 2021
  11. As of December 2022, the company had more than 7500 Employees.
  12. With over 131 million followers, former US President Barack Obama is the most-followed account holder on Twitter. With over 114 million followers, Canadian singer Justin Bieber is the most-followed musician on Twitter and is in the 2nd spot with 114m followers. On the 3rd spot, it’s Katy Perry, with 108.7m followers.
  13. Cristiano Ronaldo is the most followed sportsperson on Twitter, with over 98.8 million followers.
  14. Cnnbrk (CNN Breaking News) is the most followed news profile on Twitter, with 62.8 million followers.
  15. Twitter itself has 60.3m followers on their official profile.
  16. Twitter is officially blocked in China; however, many Chinese people use a workaround to access it. Even major Chinese companies and national media outlets, such as Huawei and CCTV, use Twitter via a VPN that is approved by the government.
  17. Over 391 million users on Twitter does not have any follower at all.
  18. There is a 280 character limit to voice your opinions. On November 8th 2017, Twitter doubled the character limit from 140 to 280 characters.
  19. According to a report from Twopcharts, a website that tracks Twitter account activity, roughly 44 percent of the 974 million existing Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet.
  20. It is Projected that the number of Twitter will keep increasing to over 340 million users by 2024.
  21. The gaming brand Playstation is the most popular and followed brand on Twitter.
  22. Twitter is the 11th most visited website in the United States.
  23. The social media platform ranks 15th among all popular social networking websites.
  24. The top 5 emojis on Twitter in the year 2021 were: –
    · 😭 Loudly Crying Face
    · 😂 Face with Tears of Joy
    · 🥺 Pleading Face
    · 🤣 Rolling on the Floor Laughing
    · ❤️ Red Heart
  25. Every month, around 500 million people access Twitter without logging in.
  26. According to Similar Web, Twitter is the 4th most popular website after Google, Youtube and Facebook.
  27. An average profile has about 707 followers on the social media platform.
  28. Twitter did not invent hashtags. In fact, it was invented by Chris Messina.
  29. FBI maintains a Twitter Slang Dictionary.
  30. In Sweden, the official Twitter account of the country is given to a random citizen for a week to manage the account. The goal of this is to manifest Swedish diversity and progressiveness through their own life, personality and views.
  31. Larry is the name of Twitter’s official mascot, the bird that appears in the company’s logo. According to co-founder Biz Stone, it is named Larry the Bird in honour of NBA player Larry Bird, who played for the Boston Celtics, Stone’s home-state team.
  32. A report from Twopcharts, a website that monitors Twitter account activity, states that about 44% of the 974 million existing Twitter accounts have never sent a tweet.

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