22 Fascinating Facts About Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein was a German physicist and mathematician who developed the special and general theories of relativity. For his description of the photoelectric effect, he received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921. After being targeted by the German Nazi Party, he immigrated to the United States in the following decade.

  1. Albert Einstein was born in Ulm city of Germany on March 14, 1879. He was raised in a secular Jewish family and had one sister who was two years younger.
  2. As a child, Albert Einstein started to speak late. His parents were worried that he is not so smart.
  3. He failed the very first college entrance exam.
  4. He received a bachelor’s degree from Swiss Federal Polytechnic in 1900 and a Ph.D. from the University of Zurich in 1905.
  5. In 1905 he came up with the concept that light is made up of particles called photons
  6. In his lifetime, he was married twice; the first wife of him was Mileva Marić, who stayed with Einstein from 1903 to 1919. The second wife of Albert Einstein was Elsa Einstein, Who was with him from 1919 to 1936.
  7. Mileva Marić was the only female student in Albert Einstein’s physics class. They fell in love and got married.
  8. Albert Einstien had 3 children, names of whom were Eduard Einstein, Hans Albert Einstein and Lieserl Einstein.
  9. Einstein gave his $32,000 Nobel Prize money to his first wife, Mileva, as part of their divorce settlement.
  10. Einsteinium was the element named after Albert Einstein as he invented it. The atomic number of the element is 99.
  11. The Nobel Prize in Physics 1921 was awarded to Albert Einstein “for his services to Theoretical Physics, and especially for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect.” Albert Einstein received his Nobel Prize one year later, in 1922.
  12. Albert Einstein contributed to science with some very important theories. Some of them are:-
    (I) Quantum Theory of light
    (II)Special theory of relativity
    (III) Avagadro’s Number
    (IV)The Bose-Einstein Condensate
    (V)General Theory of Relativity
    (VI)The photoelectric Effect
    (VII)Wave-Particle Duality
  13. Albert Einstein had the nationality of 3 different countries. He lived in Germany, Switzerland, and United States.
  14. Albert Einstein was indulged in making nuclear bombs a reality.
  15. In December 1932 FBI started to spy on this genius as J. Edgar Hoover, the director of the FBI, had suspicion on him. FBI maintained a 1400 page file on him.
  16. In the year 1940, he auctioned his handwritten theory of relativity for $6 million.
  17. In 1952 he was offered the presidency of Israel, which he rejected. His words for this were, “I am deeply moved by the offer from our State of Israel, and at once saddened and ashamed that I cannot accept it.”
  18. He died on April 18, 1955, in Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Centre, New Jersey, United States.
  19. After Einstein died, his brain was pickled, sliced into 240 cubes, and left in a box marked ‘Costa Cider’ for 20 years.
  20. The Mütter Museum is one of only two places on the planet where you can see pieces of Albert Einstein’s brain.
  21. Einstein’s brain weighed only 1,230 grams, which is less than the average adult male brain, which is about 1,400 grams. There was enhanced connection in some areas of his brain that could have aided his mathematical abilities.
  22. Albert Einstein gave some brilliant quotes, 3 of which are as follows -:
    (i) Imagination is more important than knowledge.
    (ii)Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.
    (iii) All religions, arts, and sciences are branches of the same tree.
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