20 Interesting Facts About Buffalo

The buffalo is one of the most beneficial animals to humans. Buffaloes have large heads and are large animals. They have a small hump on their back near their shoulders. The fur of buffaloes is mostly dark brown with black patches. Buffaloes are the most powerful domestic animals on the planet. So here are 20 interesting facts about buffaloes that you will surely like.

  1. Buffaloes were originated from India.
  2. Many animals have been reported to commit suicide, including dogs, cows, bulls, and sheep.
  3. Buffalos are known to be colorblind. They can not see red and green color.
  4. Buffaloes are muscular animals that can weigh anything from 300–550 kg and can be about 87 inches in height.
  5. Bos taurus is the scientific name of buffalo.Facts about bulls
  6. Buffaloes produce about 8 to 16 liter of milk every day.
  7. Buffalo can reach the whopping speed of 57 km/hr (35 miles per hour), which equals to that the speed of a horse. They are incredibly agile, which means they can spin around quickly and can jump high fences easily.
  8. Buffaloes are excellent swimmers and can swim through deep waters.
  9. Buffaloes are considered as social animals, and they like to live in groups called herds.
  10. Maternal herds have up to 30 females, and male herds can have up to 10 members. In contrast, African buffalo herds are of mixed gender and have more than 1000 members.Facts about buffalo
  11. Buffalo are herbivores animals, and so they eat vegetation like grass, herbs, and tree leaves.
  12. The global population of buffalo is close to 194.29 million.
  13. India has the most buffaloes with over 113,329,671 , followed by Pakistan 37,700,00, China 23,469,400, Nepal 5,177,998 , and Myanmar 3,746,870 .
  14. Baby buffaloes are called calves. Usually, the females have a gestation period of 281–334 days, and calves tend to live with their mothers for around three years.
  15. Buffaloes were brought to use for milk, leather, meat, and horns by humans about 5000-10000 years ago in India and China.facts about bulls for kids
  16. Buffalos can run faster uphill than downhill.
  17. Horns of male buffaloes can reach up to 5 feet or 1.5 meters.
  18. Buffaloes have a life span of around 25 years.
  19. There are few natural predators of buffaloes due to their size. Wolf, Cougar, mountain lions, and bears are a few of their predators.
  20. As per a survey (11 June 2008) of the united nations’ food and agriculture organization, the total production of milk from buffaloes throughout the world was about 85,369,902 tonnes.


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