15 Astonishing Facts About Romania

Romanian culture is a result of its geography as well as its distinct historical evolution. Romanians are thought to be a mix of descendants of Roman colonists and indigenous peoples of the region who were Romanized. It is a hierarchical society where age and position are respected. Older people are viewed as wise because they have gained life experience. It is home to breathtaking natural beauty. Romania is the most biogeographically diverse country in the European Union due to its varied landscape. Romania has something for everyone, with snow-capped mountains, green hills covered in forests and vineyards, sandy Black Sea beaches, and Europe’s largest and best-preserved delta.

  1. The nation shares land borders with Hungary to the northwest, Serbia to the southwest, the Black Sea to the southeast, Bulgaria to the south, and the black sea to the southeast.
  2. The Transfagarasan road of Romania is the third most beautiful road on the planet.
  3. The word Romania is derived from the Latin word Romanus, which means “citizen of Rome.”
  4. Romania stands on the 4th spot in terms of beer consumption per capita, with 98.9 liters per year. The top three countries are the Czech Republic, Austria, and Germany.
  5. The Palace of the Parliament is the heaviest building in the entire planet; it weighs about 4,098,500,000 kilograms (9.04 billion pounds or 4.10 million tonnes).
  6. Some important inventions took place in Romania, out of which some are the fountain pen, cybernetics, Insulin, and the jet engine.
  7. There are over 37 world heritage sites, out of which 9 are churches, 6 are a fusion of military and religious sites, one is a fortified town, and 25 are other sites, including some natural sites.
  8. The Sapanta Peri Monastery is built of oak wood and is the world’s tallest wooden church.
  9. The Danube Delta, mostly in Romania, is the second-largest river delta in Europe and the best delta preserved on the planet.
  10. Scărișoara Cave is one of the biggest ice caves and is also an underground glacier in the Apuseni Mountains of Romania.
  11. The top 5 exports of Romania are Vehicle Parts ($7.53 Billion), Cars ($5.62 Billion), Insulated Wire ($4.75 Billion), Refined Petroleum ($2.62 Billion), and Electrical Control Boards ($2.21 Billion).
  12. The top 5 imports of Romania are Vehicle Parts ($4.66 Billion), Crude Petroleum ($3.69 Billion), Cars ($2.96 Billion), Packaged Medicaments ($2.88 Billion), and Insulated Wire ($2.19 Billion).
  13. The Astra Museum of the nation is the 2nd biggest open-air museum in the world and is covered in an area of 96 hectares.
  14. The Bridge of Mehedinti, Romania, is the only natural bridge on the globe.
  15. The ten bani note of Romania is the tiniest banknote in the world and was printed in the year 1917.

  • CAPITAL CITY: Bucharest
  • POPULATION: 1.94 crores
  • LARGEST CITY: Bucharest
  • GDP NOMINAL: $261.868 billion
  • GDP RANK: 46th
  • CURRENCY: Romanian leu
  • FOUNDED: 13 July 1877
  • TOTAL AREA: 238,397 km2
  • AREA RANK: 81st worldwide
  • CONTINENT: Europe
  • ARMY STRENGTH: 69,300
  • ARMY RANK: 39th
  • LITERACY RATE:98.8 %
  • PER CAPITA INCOME:31,840 PPP dollars (2019)


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