20 Interesting Facts About South Korea

South Korea is one of the world’s most homogeneous countries, with its own culture, language, and customs distinct from those of other Asian countries. South Koreans place a high value on hard work, filial piety, and humility in their daily lives. Chinese and Japanese cultures heavily influence South Korean culture. The nation is also one of the most technologically advanced and digitally connected countries on the planet; it is a global leader in electronics, digital displays, semiconductor devices, and mobile phones.

  1. The country is bordered by North Korea to the north, the East China Sea to the south, and the Yellow Sea to the west, the East Sea (Sea of Japan) to the east; to the southeast, it is separated from the Japanese island of Tsushima by the Korea Strait.
  2. South Korea has the world’s most unusual age calculating system as when a baby is born in South Korea, he/she becomes one and gets an additional year tacked on the day when the calendar hits January 1.
  3. The legal drinking age in South Korea is 20. While the legal age for voting is 18, which is now lowered from 19.
  4. South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world, and every year, it sees an average of 10000 patients, half of which are international.
  5. Hibiscus syriacus is the national flower of South Korea. While Korean red pine is the national tree.
  6. The male citizens over the age of 18 need to perform compulsory military service for at least two years. Whereas women are not required to perform military service but may volunteer as a warrant officer, non-commissioned officer, or as officers.
  7. South Korea has the second-most average internet speed on the globe, with an average broadband speed of 156.18 MB/sec. The first spot takes Singapore.
  8. Everland Resort theme park of South Korea is the third-largest amusement park on the globe.
  9. South Korea is one of the countries which is known as the paradise for techies and has an overall ranking of 3 on the planet.
  10. Writing names in red ink is considered bad in South Korea as it is related to failure and death.
  11. Number 4 is also thought to be as bad luck in the country. In the elevators of the country, F indicates the 4th floor. This is because number 4 sounds similar to the word ‘死,’ which means death in Chinese characters. In China and Japan, this no is also considered associated with death and misfortune.
  12. There is one another superstition that Korean believe is shaking of the legs. According to them, if someone shakes their legs, they can lose their good luck.
  13. According to a law passed in the 90’s the south Koreans must use internet explorer as their browser for doing online banking or shopping on the web.
  14. South Korea is home to the world’s first astronomical lab known as Cheomseongdae Observatory, which was built in the mid 600s. It is also the oldest surviving astronomical observatory in Asia.
  15. There are 14 UNESCO world heritage sites in the country, out of which 13 are cultural, and one is natural.
  16. San-nakji is a variety of raw dish that is quite popular in South Korea; it is made with the long arms of a live octopus.
  17. The Siberian tiger is the national animal of the country and is an important symbol of their culture. Whereas the Korean magpie is the national bird of South Korea.
  18. South Korea is the 5th most complex economy on the planet.
  19. The top 5 imports of the country are Integrated Circuits ($113 Billion), Refined Petroleum ($43.6 Billion), Cars ($38.7 Billion), Vehicle Parts ($19 Billion), and Office Machine Parts ($18.8 Billion).
  20. The top 5 imports of South Korea are Crude Petroleum ($74.8 Billion), Integrated Circuits ($32 Billion), Petroleum Gas ($23 Billion), Refined Petroleum ($20.2 Billion), and Coal Briquettes ($14.1 Billion).

  • POPULATION: 5.16 crores
  • GDP NOMINAL: $1.626 trillion
  • GDP RANK: 12th
  • CURRENCY: South Korean won
  • FOUNDED: 15 August 1948
  • TOTAL AREA: 100,210 km2
  • AREA RANK: 107th worldwide
  • ARMY STRENGTH: 3,699,000
  • ARMY RANK: 11th
  • LITERACY RATE: 97.9%
  • PER CAPITA INCOME: 43,520 PPP dollars (2019)


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