25 Interesting Facts About Donkeys

TThe ‘Donkey’ is also known as a ‘Ass.’ It is a beneficial animal. For at least 5000 years, it has been used as a working animal. It is a one-of-a-kind and amazing animal. A male donkey is referred to as a ‘jack,’ a female donkey is referred to as a ‘jenny’ or ‘jennet,’ and a young donkey is referred to as a ‘foal’. Here are 25 amazing facts about this helpful animal.

  1. Horses and donkeys are often crossbred together, which gives birth to a mule.
  2. While a donkey will sink in quicksand, a mule will not.
  3. The donkey’s eye placement helps it see all its four feet at a time.
  4. Ideally, an average donkey can be 3-foot six-inch(107 cm) in height and about 4 feet (122cm) in width.
  5. A donkey, on average, can weigh anywhere around 500 pounds (227 kg). In contrast, a miniature donkey can weigh under 400 pounds (180 kg).Donkey facts
  6. A Donkey can safely carry about 20 percent of its entire body weight, but it can pull about its half bodyweight under full potential.
  7. China is the largest holder of donkeys globally, which stands to be about 11 million in the 1990s, and now the no has dropped to 3 million.
  8. In UK and Europe, it is mandatory for donkeys to have a passport.
  9. Donkey’s originated from Somali and Nubian wild asses. The wild asses were captivated in Egypt and western Asia, which dated back from 2800 BC to 2500 BC.
  10. They are the only domesticated animals that are originated in the continent of Africa.
  11. Until 1000 BC, they become a common means of transport throughout Egypt, Asia, and parts of Europe.
  12. Donkeys can have a life span of over 50 years when kept in captivity. Whereas in the wild they can live about 20-30 years.
  13. If we compare the strength of the same size donkey and a horse, the donkey would have more strength.
  14. Donkeys groom themselves in herds just like monkeys and chimps.
  15. An Asiatic wild Donkey can run as fast as 43 mph(70 kph). At the same time, domesticated donkeys can run at a speed of 30-35 mph (48-56 kph) over short distances.Donkey facts
  16. Food is scarce in deserts, so the donkeys utilize 95% of the food they eat. This stands out as their manure is not well for fertilizing the land.
  17. A donkey can hear another donkey sound about 60 miles away in a desert-like environment as they have far big ears than horses.
  18. Their large ears also help them to stay cool.
  19. It’s been researched that donkeys have an incredible memory as they can remind areas and donkeys that they were with 25 years ago.
  20. Donkeys don’t like rain much as the rain can damage their health as well as their fur as it’s not waterproof.
  21. Donkeys have about 62 chromosomes which are sixteen more than humans. This means that their DNA has more information than humans.
  22. A group of donkeys is called a herd or a drove. In contrast, female donkeys are called as jennets while males are called jacks.
  23. The gestation (pregnancy) period of donkeys can last for up to 11 months, and giving birth to a single child.
  24. The child of a donkey is often called a foal.
  25. Zebras crossbred with donkeys, often called zebrasses and zonkeys. In 1 out of 10000, donkeys are fertile.donkey facts for kids

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